I am a South Korean jeweller and metal craftsman.

I trained in Japanese traditional handicraft skills and precious metals as an advanced specialist in Japan. Furthermore, as a Royal College of Art graduate, I have learnt a lot about metal craft while attending college in England.

Do you know that natural gemstones have their own meaning? Each gemstone has a spiritual meaning. Thus, people can have or strengthen their power by wearing the jewellery of natural gemstone. This might be interesting for you, if you want to gain the gemstone power! Specially, pearls are the symbols for wisdom, serenity, royalty, purity, integrity and fortune. All the lucky pearls are for you.

I believe that the human hand is a gift from human evolution. Even though today there are advanced technologies, including the CAD and 3D printing industry, handicraft products have a rareness and beauty compared to mass-produced manmade products. Moreover, there is an inexpressible complexity in the handicraft world that a machine cannot imitate. Thus, I have decided to develop my works more broadly by striking a balance between the tradition and the modern.

If someone asked me why I started learning jewellery and metalcrafts, I would answer that jewellery and metalcrafts are my vocation.